How do I make a quiz in Flask? [duplicate]

@views.route('/question', methods=['GET','POST'])
def question():
    HorK = session.get("HorK", None)
    images = []
    lessonID = session.get("lessonChoice", None)
    quizImages = getQuizImages(lessonID, images)
    # this part essentially generates a random image from a set of characters and then the user has to write down the correct sound of that character
    # don't worry too much about the variables but the html page needs HorK and an image to run
    if request.method == 'POST':
        character = Character.query.filter_by(image=request.form.get("image")).first()
        answer = request.form.get("answer")
        if answer.upper() == character.romaji:
            flash('Correct', category='success')
            flash('Incorrect', category='error')
    image = random.choice(quizImages)
    return render_template("question.html", HorK=HorK, image=image)