How to get all values from list inside a dictionary, I need to get title for every item

Solution 1
# Get all json objects.
for my_dict in data['results']:
   # Get title.

Solution 2
d = {'results': [{'id': 654959, 'title': 'Pasta With Tuna', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 511728, 'title': 'Pasta Margherita', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 654812, 'title': 'Pasta and Seafood', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 654857, 'title': 'Pasta On The Border', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 654883, 'title': 'Pasta Vegetable Soup', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 654928, 'title': 'Pasta With Italian Sausage', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 654926, 'title': 'Pasta With Gorgonzola Sauce', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 654944, 'title': 'Pasta With Salmon Cream Sauce', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 654905, 'title': 'Pasta With Chickpeas and Kale', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'},
                 {'id': 654901, 'title': 'Pasta With Chicken and Broccoli', 'image': '', 'imageType': 'jpg'}],
 'offset': 0, 'number': 10, 'totalResults': 210}

titles = [i['title'] for i in d['results']]
['Pasta With Tuna', 'Pasta Margherita', 'Pasta and Seafood', 'Pasta On The Border', 'Pasta Vegetable Soup', 'Pasta With Italian Sausage', 'Pasta With Gorgonzola Sauce', 'Pasta With Salmon Cream Sauce', 'Pasta With Chickpeas and Kale', 'Pasta With Chicken and Broccoli']